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How we work

Always one step ahead !

As little as ready-made clothing fits really perfectly to most people, as little do the standard solutions most medical travel agencies offer. Every human being with its own risk factors, disorders, diseases as well as past and present therapies or interventions, has its individual medical history and constitutes a unique case!

That is why we handle every request and every patient so individually and work out truly customized solutions.

Each single inquiry will be personally evaluated by our medical doctors and experts – from the very beginning – without the typical first intermediate step via medical laymen in travel agencies. Without any loop way, your case is instantly in the right hands. For precious gifts, as your health is, it is crucial to set up things on the right track from the very first moment. As we (together with our Medical Scientific Advisory Board) aggregate the needed medical expertise by ourselves to appraise the proposed treatment options, we can judge for you which way is right and which wrong. Most of our competitors have just to rely on external input and will send you to any physician or clinic, claiming he or it is the best.

Since we guide our customers personally through the entire treatment process, we keep track of every single step of their medical pathway. Thus, we are able to interfere on behalf of our patients whenever something happens not according to schedule.

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You - as the patient - are in the center of our attention !

  • 1) Contact us
  • 2) Case Evaluation
  • 3) Feedback to Patient
  • 4) Cost estimate, Invitation, Visa
  • 5) Travel planning and journey
  • 6) Personal Examination / Diagnostics
  • 7) Patient-Doctor-Matching
  • 8) Treatment
  • 9) Rehabilitation / After-Care
  • 10) Follow-up

1) Contact us

You can contact us preferably via our online request form or if you wish to talk to us personally, you can call us directly at +49 69 366048-30. Outside office hours, please use the call back function button – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In order to get a first impression of your personal wishes and needs, we usually conduct an initial short interview with you. For this purpose please be prepared with all basic information at hand (see our online request form).

As a matter of course, we will treat all your personal and medical data as strictly confidential.

2) Case Evaluation

The case evaluation starts with submitting us all available medical documents (such as medical reports, medical certificates, diagnostic results, radiographs, CT scan, MRI scan, ECGs, medication plan etc.) concerning your personal health condition and the current medical problem to be solved. The more detailed information we receive, the more precise will be the idea we get of your individual case.

Following the thorough review of the provided data by our doctor’s team, a preliminary analysis of your medical needs will be compiled. In case of further needed information, the patient receives a special questionnaire with additional questions on his individual medical history.

After having verified the credibility of already existing diagnoses, a common treatment decision is made together with the proper experts, considering all relevant aspects, such as availability, prospects of success and costs.

3) Feedback to Patient

Within 24 hours after the professional assessment the patient obtains our personal initial feedback. We also take the chance to collect important information about the patient’s expectations, requirements and preferences regarding his medical trip to Germany.

Thus, we can estimate which issues are to be covered and propose reasonable, supplemental services (translation, transportation, travel planning services etc.), which can be booked complementary by our customers.

4) Cost estimate, Invitation, Visa

After the confirmation of your application and our acceptance, Intermed-Consult prepares a preliminary cost estimate for the full course of stay, including diagnostics, treatment and additional services.

An official invitation and medical recommendation letter will be prepared and sent out to the appropriate embassy in order to support you with the provision of an adequate visa for the length of stay in Germany.

5) Travel planning and journey

Following the visa issuance, we plan in consultation with you the details of your trip and schedule every single step of your stay. That includes the organization of initial appointments with our doctors and – if already foreseeable – with further identified specialists.

If requested, we also arrange your preferred accommodation and care for transportation, translation and further amenities for you and accompanying family members.

Objective of our thorough and detailed planning is a convenient and hassle-free journey for our clients. Moreover, for both sides a maximum of transparency is given in preparation to maybe one of the most important travels of your life.

6) Personal Examination / Diagnostics

After arrival in Germany, our doctors – who are already familiar with your case by studying your medical reports – will meet you for a personal consultation. As we have learned that given diagnoses from external sources are sometimes not fully correct or incomplete, we re-evaluate the preceding findings and check typical secondarily occurring diseases, referring to your personal medical history.

As a matter of routine, every patient will be seen and examined carefully before forwarding him to any treatment. Physical examination, blood lab tests and if needed further imaging (CT, MRI, Echo) will be executed within our own exclusive “International Diagnostic Center Frankfurt”. The results will be discussed and explained to you in an easily understandable manner.

This kind of proceeding differs us much from most of our competitors, who usually send their patients solely on the base of written documents to any clinic at their disposal. In case the diagnosis is not correct or any other problem is more urgent, this will consequently and most likely be the wrong one.

7) Patient-Doctor-Matching

At Intermed-Consult, we address an important issue: the individual match between patient and physician. This is the essential step within the entire process!

After we have generated a comprehensive and holistic picture of your health condition and medical needs (Health Assessment), we start our matchmaking process. Because every successful treatment is a matter of two things: the right diagnosis and the best matching doctor, being specialized in exactly this topic.

Sometimes it needs more than a single specialist due to complex health problems or the necessity to involve several medical sub-disciplines. No matter, even this challenge can be mastered via our comprehensive network of partners and specialists. Your customized solution will be the result of our Medical Knowledge Management!

It’s needless to say, that by the right patient-doctor match, patient satisfaction and health outcome will be improved and trust will subsequently be established. Finally, costs through redundant, insufficient treatments will be reduced this way. With our proprietary approach we help patients find the right doctor on the direct way.

8) Treatment

The first contact between the patient and his treating doctor is always something very sensitive. Being aware of this fact, it is important to us and an implicitness to attend every patient personally, lead him to the chosen center and introduce him to his correspondent medical expert. If an interpreter is needed for the consultation, we will take care you are always accompanied by a professional trained translator.

Every step of the planned treatment will be explained in detail to you and no question from your side will remain unanswered. We monitor your treatment process from outside and keep permanent contact to the responsible doctors in order to stay in the loop. Intermed-Consult remains your personal contact partner during your entire treatment course in case any question or unforeseeable trouble occurs.

Regardless if an ambulatory or stationary therapy is indicated, we try our best to ensure an optimal and smooth course of your stay. As part of our quality management system, we invite you to share your experiences with us before leaving home. This feedback talk helps us to review and reassure the quality of our partners as well as receiving your opinion about our performance.

9) Rehabilitation / Aftercare

Depending on the medical treatment you have received, it may be advantageous to support your recovery by following up with a specialized rehabilitation. No matter what situation you are in – if you had a stroke or heart attack, accident or surgery – we will find the best German rehabilitation clinic, tailored to your needs. Intermed-Consult is partnered with the largest private rehabilitation clinic operator in Germany, providing premium-class rehabilitation in almost every specialty.

The rehabilitation centers will work out a comprehensive recovery plan, based on your medical history and personal preferences. On your way to reconvalescence, you also may not want to miss individual comfort. Thus, we selected partners combining high quality healthcare, complying with the latest developments in post-acute care, with friendly, uncomplicated service and the ambience of a first class hotel.

If your health condition allows going for an ambulatory rehabilitation course, we can recommend suitable and well-known physical therapy centers, acting as our partners. There you will work with experienced and well-trained medical staff on your fast way to recovery.

Last but not least, after having finished all treatment units, it may be useful to assure, that your doctors at home will be fully informed about your treatment with us in Germany. We can help to translate German medical files into your preferred language – either into English (as most doctors use English as official scientific language) or into your mother language. Thus can be guaranteed, that no important information will be lost and the recommended treatment plan can be followed at your home Country.

10) Follow-up

Once you are returned back home, you or the doctor of your choice may come up with questions concerning your health condition or given medical recommendations. No problem – we will assist you in case of any question even when you are back in your home country. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help clarifying any uncertainties and queries.

As many patients being affected by chronic, still not curable diseases (such as cancer or neurodegenerative diseases) are constantly on search for hope to improve their condition, we are striving to be always updated about the latest progresses in medical sciences. Whenever there is evidence that new promising treatments are in the pipeline, we will not miss to keep you informed!

Via our personal contacts to academic institutions and medical opinion leaders, there is occasionally the chance to help patients to become integrated into clinical scientific trials, testing brand-new therapies.

Intermed-Consult cares for you – before, during and after your medical stay in Germany !