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Reproductive Medicine EN

Reproductive Medicine
Reproductive Medicine
Reproductive Medicine

An unfulfilled desire to have a child is a problem which concerns both partners, man and woman, equally. The causes of infertility are multifarious and sometimes remain undetermined. Modern methods of Reproductive Medicine can help couples to overcome their fate of childlessness. Success rates in terms of healthy pregnancies are also a question of choosing the right center for this intimate issue.

Intermed-Consult works closely together with proven experts in Reproductive Medicine offering the entire spectrum of most modern infertility diagnostics and treatments. We aim at your happiness as expectant parents !

Covered indications / medical specialities:

  • Infertility treatment options
  • Ways of increasing pregnancy rates
  • Latest technologies / most up-to-date procedures

Hormonal stimulation (follicle maturation)

Insemination (sperm insertion into uterus)

In-vitro Fertilisation (fertilisation in culture fluid)

Microinjection / ICSI (intracytoplasmatic sperm injection)

MESA (microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration)

TESE (testicular sperm extraction)

Cryopreservation (cryoconservation of egg cells)

PN-Scoring (pronucleus stadium)

Blastocyst culture (increases implantation rate)

Laser-Assisted-Hatching (reduction of zona pellucida)

Latest fertilisation techniques

Genetic testing

Polar body biopsy

Use of modern reproductive biology methods

Full spectrum of gynaecological and andrological diagnosis

Interdisciplinary team (endocrinology, andrology, gynecology, biology)