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Check-up & Prevention

Health is Wealth !


Check-up benefits:

Grant yourself a comprehensive health examination and choose one of our Check-up Programs or Special Diagnostic Modules !

Regular Check-ups can be essential for a long and healthy life!

Most commonly offered Check-ups typically include a brief medical history, a superficial physical examination, a few laboratory tests and sometimes a few more technical examinations like abdominal ultrasound or ECG.

These standard off-the-peg solutions are made for the average not for individuals !

Don't be satisfied with the ordinary – your health deserves special attention !

Our high-sophisticated predefined Check-up programs can be individually complemented by numerous Special Diagnostic Modules and distinct extra examinations according to your personal and gender-specific risk profile.

Intermed-Consult provides you with comprehensive individual Check-up examinations, adapted to your personal requirements !

Preserve your health - Book your personal Check-up program now !

Each of our Check-ups starts…

with taking your detailed medical history, including your present complaints, past and present therapies, family history and lifestyle habits (such as nutrition and physical activities). As we know about the importance of a thorough physical examination, all main organ systems from head to toe will be systematically investigated.

With the clues obtained during the history and physical examination the scope of technical examinations will be determined. Extended laboratory tests, lung function test, ECG, sonography and further advanced medical imaging diagnostics (such as CT or MRI scan) will be compiled to your personal made-to-fit Check-up program. When a particular disease is suspected specific tests may be included.

During a concluding conversation with your physician you will receive a detailed analysis and explanation of the medical findings followed by our advice on potential therapeutic consequences and lifestyle modifications.