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Second Medical Opinion

If you don’t trust the diagnosis made by your doctors at home or don’t feel safe with the treatment proposed, we can provide you with a second opinion involving our medical experts.

An additional neutral expert opinion on your case can give you the certainty of having guard yourself against potential wrong decisions to be made !

Just submit your medical reports, imaging files (such as CT scan, MRI scan etc.) and other documents recording your medical history. Completed by your oral or written explanations about your request and uncertainties, we will re-check and evaluate your diagnosis, comment on suggested therapies and provide you with our professional opinion on which treatment to prefer.

Especially before you decide undergoing radical or irreversible interventions (such as major surgeries, chemotherapies or radiation), consulting an acknowledged expert in this topic and receiving a second opinion can be decisive for your treatment outcome.

Sometimes it even takes a multidisciplinary team of several experts to cover all aspects of the medical questioning, finally giving a common advice or judgment.

Request a specialist’s second opinion on your case