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Spinal Cord Injury Care EN

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program

Spinal Cord Injury Medical Recovery Program

People who suffer from Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) have mostly experienced a long and strenuous period of various treatment and rehabilitation courses, before they had finally to accept their destiny of remaining paralyzed. The damage of the spinal cord is typically caused by trauma, (e. g. car or sports accidents) or sometimes by specific diseases (e. g. polio myelitis, spina bifida).

The complete or incomplete damage of the spinal cord leads to a loss of muscle movement / strength, sensation and vegetative body functions below the level of the injury. Despite all scientific efforts and advances in research, the functional repair of spinal cord injuries is still not possible and treatment options are limited to preservation of remaining motor abilities and prevention of secondary complications. Being confined to a wheelchair, most patients feel permanently handicapped in living an independent and productive life.

That’s why Intermed-Consult has developed together with its exclusive partners ReWalk Robotics, SPOREG Physiotherapy Center and BEMER Group a comprehensive and modular „Medical Recovery Program“ (MRP) for paralyzed SCI patients, seeking significant improvement of their apparently hopeless situation.

Can you imagine how it would feel like for a wheelchair-bound person to walk again on his own two feet?

How would it be for someone who is used to look up from a child perspective, to stand up from his wheelchair and interact again with people at eye level?

Fortunately, this dream can come true for our SCI patients, if they fulfill certain prerequisites!

What is Intermed-Consult’s MRP for Spinal Cord Injury patients?

  • A multi-modular Medical Recovery Program, specially developed for the requirements of SCI patients.
  • An intensive 6-8 weeks lasting medical rehabilitation and training program, targeting primarily on a significant improvement of the overall condition of SCI patients.
  • Objective and best case outcome is giving the patient back his ability to stand up and walk again with the help of the most advanced exoskeleton system ReWalk®, representing the latest technology of walking aids for paralyzed patients.

Modules of our Medical Recovery Program:

  • Thorough neuro-orthopedic re-assessment of medical condition / status evaluation.
  • Individualized, special physiotherapy program to stabilize or even improve residual functions (muscle power, joint mobility) of upper and (if possible) lower limbs.
  • Professional configuration and adjustment of our wearable ReWalk® system to provide a customized optimal fit for each patient.
  • Personal one-on-one training sessions with our certified ReWalk® instructors to get used to the handling and usage of the device. With each training session, patients improve their skills – even walking steps is possible with our system after a sufficient training period!
  • Concomitant special electromagnetic field therapy (BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy) for an effective stimulation of microcirculation, supporting the body’s most important control mechanisms for healing, recovery and regeneration processes.

Positive longterm effects from regaining mobility by our Medical Recovery Program:

  • Preservation of bone mass (osteoporosis prophylaxis)
  • Prevention of pressure sores
  • Improvement of psychological condition
  • Improvement of general physical constitution / less pain
  • Improvement of bladder function / less urinary infections
  • Improvement of bowel function
  • Improvement of sleep / less fatigue

About ReWalk®

ReWalk® is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to stand upright, walk, turn, and climb and descend stairs. The system allows independent, controlled walking, while mimicking the natural gait pattern of the legs.

The new ReWalk® Personal 6.0 System is designed for all day use at home and in the community. It is the most customizable exoskeleton and is configured specifically for our patients. This precise fit optimizes safety, function and joint alignment. After an initial rental period for training and testing purposes, the system can be bought for regular use at home.


About BEMER®

BEMER physical vascular therapy uses electromagnetically transmitted signals to stimulate the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels, renormalising the blood flow in parts of the body affected by negative impact of immobility and missing nervous innervation. The body’s cells are increasingly better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which initiates important mechanisms for healing, recovery and regeneration processes. These mechanisms provide energy for an increasing physical and mental performance and typically lead to a general sense of well-being.