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We care for you !

IMC Intermed-Consult is one of the leading healthcare service providers for international patients, seeking for first-class medical care in Germany. Based on our comprehensive know-how and widespread network, we are granting access to the best medical experts, diagnostics and treatments meeting the highest quality standards.

The focus of our work is on offering a premium-class full service concept to our international patients, covering the entire process chain of medical travel abroad. Caring for our patient’s health and well-being is the central mission of our activities !


We make the difference !

wemakethedifferntIMC Intermed-Consult was founded and is led by Jochen Badouin, M. D., who gained experience as medical doctor and healthcare specialist in various leading positions for more than 20 years. Together with the highly specialized experts of its “Medical Scientific Advisory Board”, Intermed-Consult is accumulating the necessary medical-scientific know-how to guarantee you the most effective and reasonable therapies at affordable prices. With us, your specific case and personal health problems are in the right hands from the very beginning. Since all your medical data are directly and personally evaluated by our own medical professionals, no unnecessary intermediate step via semi-professional agencies is done. For you, it might be a key issue for the initiation of a successful treatment course !

As we have integrated the “International Diagnostic Center Frankfurt” as exclusive partner, we are also able to perform most of the needed diagnostic procedures (including high-end diagnostic imaging) by ourselves. Thus, time-consuming appointments for a series of external diagnostics will generally not apply to our patients. For your safety and convenience we offer both, professional medical evaluation and diagnostics under one roof.


Whereas most of our competitors being led by managers with a pure economic background and lack of medical know-how, Intermed-Consult is managed by experienced physicians. Consequently, your case will always be discussed from doctor to doctor on eye-level with the selected specialists. Unnecessary, inappropriate or overpriced treatments can securely be avoided this way. We choose for our patients the adequate and best-matching specialist, rather than forwarding them to any clinic of inferior quality under economic aspects.

Besides caring for your optimal medical care, Intermed-Consult is also committed to make your medical journey as convenient and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer our customers additional services, making their trip a comfortable and unforgettable experience. Just select the eligible service options from our service portfolio to tailor your stay in Germany individually to your own desires.

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