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Air Ambulance Arrangements

If your health condition does not allow traveling longer distances without medical attendance, Intermed-Consult can organize special arrangements for you, such as ambulance flights.

Our individually tailored patient transports ensure that you can enter Germany in the best possible health condition. If required, we will start assisting you even before you leave your home country.

Seriously ill patients can be taken over by German medical staff and flown to Germany under appropriate medical supervision and in compliance with the latest air ambulance standards. Thanks to the professional transportation arrangements, medical information reaches us earlier and the patient treatment can begin immediately. This solution minimizes medical risks and significantly increases the chances of recovery while reducing overall treatment costs.

As we work together with leading air ambulance providers, we grant our patients access to various transport options. According to the patient’s individual needs, we arrange a broad spectrum of solutions – from escorted medical transports on scheduled flights to stretcher solutions all the way to bed-to-bed transports. Each ambulance aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed with its own team of emergency physicians.

Having finished your treatment in one of our recommended hospitals, qualified medical staff will ensure your safe return transport.

Restricted mobility or ability to make use of conventional transporting options should not be an obstacle to entrust your health our renowned medical experts and benefit from our comprehensive medical services.

Safe and well-organized transportation to your favorable treatment and back home is indispensable to efficient healing and continued recovery.

Looking for a medical attended patient transport?

We provide economically viable transport solutions for you and accompanying family members!