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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section represents just a small collection of the most frequently asked questions about our activities and characteristics as well as medical travel and treatment in Germany in general. The scope of questions possibly coming up to you when thinking about appointing us to take care for your health is by far not covered by this short-list.

So, no matter what question you may have in this context, please don’t hesitate to contact us !

We will be pleased to answer your questions and help you making your decision !

What is Intermed-Consult ?

Intermed-Consult is one of the leading Premium Healthcare Services providers for international patients seeking top-class medical care in Germany. The company is managed by a team of experienced doctors and offers its clients direct access to the best medical experts throughout Germany.

By its unique medical knowledge management approach and an unparalleled network of renowned specialists, a perfect patient-doctor-match can be achieved. Completed by its wide range of Non-Medical Services, Intermed-Consult provides its clients tailor-made solutions for their specific health problems.

As an entirely independent player, Intermed-Consult can pick the best departments from every medical specialty combining them to a kind of “First-in-class virtual hospital”.


Why shall I choose Germany for my treatment abroad ?

Aside from other quality attributes, Germany is considered to be the “Hospital of Europe”. The excellent reputation of the German healthcare system attracts patients from all over Europe and beyond to let them be diagnosed or treated in Germany. German physicians are counted among the highest qualified and most experienced medical experts worldwide.

Further persuasive arguments for your medical travel to Germany are a highly developed infrastructure, easy accessibility by flight, non-existence of waiting-lists for treatments and an attractive value for money ratio.

Take your chance to join your medical stay in Germany with time for leisure activities or just enjoy the touristic and nature highlights of our beautiful country.


What makes IMC the best choice to take care for my treatment in Germany ?

Intermed-Consult is different from all its competitors. As our core competence is medicine and we ourselves are doctors, we aggregate the needed medical know-how in-house to decide on behalf of you what way to follow in order to achieve the best medical outcome for you. In close cooperation with the experts of our Medical Scientific Advisory Board we evaluate and discuss your case thoroughly before any treatment decision is suggested to you. At us, your request is without detours in the right hands.

We are not a medical travel agency, just forwarding your request to any external partner, hoping he knows what to do. Nonetheless, you don’t have to sacrifice all other service amenities typically offered by such agencies. With its Non-Medical Services portfolio Intermed-Consult covers all extra services making your travel from start to finish easy and comfortable.

Your health is your most precious asset. Entrust it only to the best !


What about the costs and paying conditions ?

Once you have submitted all required information to us, we will provide you with a preliminary cost estimate for the planned treatment and additional services picked by you. As we routinely see our patients personally before making final decisions about diagnostic or therapeutic measures to be performed, this is by nature a non-binding quote.

Costs can vary depending on changes in executed procedures, chosen centers or length of stay. However, you will stay all time in driver seat position regarding costs, as every step will be explained and has consequently to be agreed by you beforehand.

As we and most of our cooperating partners need to minimize risks against possible payment defaults, it’s a common proceeding to require a deposit or upfront payment from our clients. In case of delayed cancellation of appointments or bookings a part or the full amount can become non-refundable.

What do I have to contribute myself to make it happen ?

The first and most important step from your side is to contact us and let us know how we can help you. Fill in the contact form or call us personally, we will listen to your desires. Next step is the submission of all documents and data regarding your current state of health, such as medical reports that record your previous diagnosis and already received treatments. If necessary we will provide translation of your medical papers into German or English.

In case you need a visa for visiting Germany, you have to apply for at the respective embassy. It’s usually not a big deal, as we will assist you by our invitation and recommendation letter. Until your visa is prepared you have time to decide on suggested treatment and travel details without haste. Finally, we need your agreement to the scheduled appointments and the obligatory upfront payment.

It’s only a few easy steps to realize the perhaps most valuable travel for your health. Let us take you by hand and guide you through !


Do I need a visa for my medical travel to Germany ?

That depends on where you are coming from. As being not a citizen of a European Union member state you will most probably need a visa. For some other countries a valid passport may be sufficient.

In case of doubt refer to the list of countries whose citizens require a visa provided by the department of foreign affairs (


How are my personal and medical data protected ?

Intermed-Consult considers the protection and security of customer’s personal and medical data of great importance and is conscious of its responsibility to protect sensitive data with maximum priority. Thus, our privacy and data protection practices adhere to German privacy protection laws, which are among the strictest worldwide. This includes the strict compliance of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG).

To keep your data safe, we host it on German servers within Germany to provide you with the utmost possible level of security. We use the information you provide us only for the immediate purpose of carrying out our services to you. Personal information will never be shared with any external party without your explicit permission.


Who will be my contractual partner ?

The underlying contract ruling the terms of provision of Healthcare Services and our Non-Medical Services will be directly concluded between you and Intermed-Consult. The scope of agreed services to be provided by Intermed-Consult can be flexibly adjusted, according to your wishes.

However, as Intermed-Consult is a service provider and does not execute diagnostic or therapeutic procedures itself, the contractual agreement for your medical procedures will be directly concluded with the respective hospital or treating physician.


How can high quality and safety standards be assured ?

Intermed-Consult works exclusively together with highly reputable and acknowledged partners known for superior quality and safety standards. Every cooperating clinic or physician is handpicked by us and has undergone a critical quality check considering various aspects, such as reputation, experience and fulfillment of international and national accreditation standards.

All of our partners are subject to diverse quality measuring, monitoring and accreditation processes implemented by independent institutions. They are certified by one or more institutes, such as AQUA (Institute for Applied Quality Support and Research in the Healthcare Sector), KTQ (Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Hospital Care) or TÜV (Technical Monitoring Association).

Accreditation standards are important but from the patient’s perspective, the outcome of the hospital treatment is all that matters. That’s why we at Intermed-Consult do our own benchmarking, collecting both objective and subjective results from our patient’s experiences. Thus, we continuously optimize our portfolio of cooperating partners, working only with partners delivering excellent results and highly satisfied patients.

What happens in case of complications ?

Complications in connection with medical treatments and interventions are an intrinsic risk with a statistically likelihood of occurrence. Unfortunately, no doctor – no matter how skilled and experienced he is – can guarantee you that no complication after a procedure will occur. There will always remain a so-called residual risk, no matter if you receive treatment at home or abroad.

But it’s in your hands to minimize your personal risk for complications!

As the likelihood of complication occurrence is directly linked to the skills and experience of treating physicians and the quality level of the medical center you are treated by, the intelligent choice of the best care provider has a massive impact on avoidance of complications.

By taking advantage of Intermed-Consult’s professional patient-doctor-matchmaking process, you can contribute to keep your personal risk for complications as low as possible.

The more invasive a treatment is the higher is the theoretical risk for related complications. Most complications occur in the first few days after extensive surgeries. This is why we recommend planning your stay in Germany always with some extra time following your treatment. Being under medical surveillance for a few days is a natural safety precaution. Your physician or surgeon will follow-up your healing process and can intervene immediately in the unlikely case of occurring complications.

If delayed complications (being evidently related to your treatment in Germany) should occur when you are already back home, please contact us immediately. You can rely on our experience in managing complications! Together with you and our responsible doctors here, we will work out a proper solution for you.

Why are medical Check-up examinations so important ?

Prevention is the smartest way to preserve your health!

It’s certainly better to avoid the development of diseases or treat them in an early stage than waiting until symptoms force you to see your doctor and becoming aware of a progressed disease stadium.

Regular health Check-up examinations can identify personal risk factors and help diagnose potentially serious diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases, in an early and much easier treatable stage. Early stage diagnoses and treatment dramatically increases success rates, thus potentially saving lives.

Nowadays, preventive medicine offers a wide spectrum of advanced non-invasive techniques, providing certainty about your health status. Besides detailed anamnesis and basic physical examination, specific lab tests and various medical imaging methods (e.g. ultrasound, CT or MRI scan) are part of modern health screening and check-up programs.

Based on the results of the examinations and anamnesis, our doctors may advise you on taking suitable actions, preventing deterioration of your health.

If your Check-up will prove your fully intact health – all the better ! You can enjoy then the comforting feeling of certainty about your health.


Can I bring family or friends as companions ?

Certainly! We even encourage our patients to bring family members or other trusted persons accompanying them. Companions can give support, share free time and will make your stay more enjoyable. Depending on your physical condition, it could be in some cases an indispensable requirement to be accompanied by assisting persons. Being not alone in a foreign country has also a positive psychological impact. While you will receive your treatment, your companions have the choice to spend the spare time on their own or taking the chance to enjoy organized activities.

Even though we are happy to care for you and your loved ones, in case no one can travel with you, you can still rest assured that every eventuality is taken care of. Finally you can trust the expertise and service orientation of Intermed-Consult.