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Why to choose Germany for your medical journey

“MADE IN GERMANY” is still a worldwide acknowledged quality attribute, not only with regards to manufacturing or construction technology. Germany enjoys also an outstanding reputation when it comes to treating patients from all over the globe. Many patients from abroad choose to place themselves in the hands of the country's best medical experts, because they are working within one of the most innovative, advanced and best healthcare systems worldwide. Even heads of state and other VIP’s see distinguished German specialists about their personal health issues.

Unparalleled cooperation between science, research, industry and hospitals at a regional and national level has given Germany some of the highest standards of medical care in the world. This is complemented by an outstanding preventive and rehabilitation medicine. That’s why tens of thousands of patients travel to Germany every year for inpatient treatment – and even a much higher number for outpatient care.

With more than 30 university hospitals, around 1,000 public-sector and not-for-profit hospitals and nearly 600 hospitals belonging to private groups, the German stationary healthcare sector offers the entire range of medical treatments – up to the highest level of care. Doctors with outstanding qualifications, highly specialized nursing staff, excellent diagnostic facilities and a superb medical infrastructure constitute the international acknowledged Medical Excellence of Germany. Since this excellence is also increasingly accessible for patients from abroad, Germany developed to a top destination for medical tourists over the last years.


As the medical tourism is an upcoming and attractive market segment, more and more German hospitals focus specifically on international patients and offer services dedicated to patients from abroad. But not every facility which claims to offer the most modern therapies or state-of-the-art diagnostics is reputable or familiar with the handling of foreign patients. Besides the quality of medical care, the observance of cultural, social and religious aspects has an important impact on the wellbeing of patients from abroad.

But how can you as a patient verify from a distance, if a clinic or medical center is really suitable for your specific case?

How can you ensure to find the best-matching expert for your personal health problem within the sometimes intransparent and diversified jungle of offerings from thousands of medical care providers?

And how can you assure, that your medical journey to Germany will be truly convenient, professionally organized and last but not least successful at the end?

At this point is where the expertise of Intermed-Consult comes into play!

Let us do our job and satisfy you by our excellent and tailor-made Healthcare Services!

We help you solving your individual health problem by identifying, choosing and connecting you with the best-matching specialists in Germany!

Facts why Germany is such a popular destination for medical tourism:

Excellent international reputation of healthcare system and medical standards

Germany is worldwide one of the forerunning nations in terms of scientific research and latest medical technology. This gives also patients from abroad the opportunity to share progress and benefit firstly from the most innovative treatments and high-end care. Considering the quality, safety and effectiveness of clinical outcome, Germany meets the highest demands and ranks top among the leading health tourism destinations. However, with regards to costs Germany offers still competitive and affordable rates for its healthcare services. Thus, the lucrative cost-to-quality ratio is an important competitive advantage for Germany.

Enormous width and depth of medical care – No waiting times

Waiting lists for patients are extremely rare and even high-sophisticated medical interventions can be performed in a timely manner due to an extensive network of hospitals and doctors. For every disease or disorder – even for extremely seldom ones (so-called orphan diseases) – we will find a qualified expert for you in Germany. The personal contacts within our huge network of specialists enable us to provide our patients with the needed appointments as quick as possible. Direct wires among doctors are often essential for accelerating processes. This is definitely another decisive trump card, we as doctor colleagues from Intermed-Consult, play for the benefit of our clients.

Top-quality service for international patients

Many German clinics or medical centers – from big university hospitals up to single specialists in smaller practices – have learned how to deal with the demands and expectations of their international clientele. Service orientation, high-quality standards as well as understanding of and consideration for religious and cultural needs are a matter of course. All of our cooperation partners are carefully handpicked by these quality criteria.

Attractive country with high recreational value

As a trip to Germany is actually too worthy to just spend it on health issues, you should consider combining it with travel and sightseeing activities, if possible. A variety of tourist attractions in the bigger cities gives also families and friends accompanying patients, opportunities to relax and enjoy leisure time. Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany shares borders with many other attractive countries like Switzerland Austria or France. Just a day-trip away, it’s worthy to take a stop-over for a short sightseeing excursion or just to experience the beautiful nature these destinations offer

Easy accessibility and perfect infrastructure

Germany’s favorable geographic location in the heart of Europe makes it easy and convenient for most European patients to reach Germany within a few hours. Just a short connecting flight away from other European destinations, Germany can also be starting point for further travel activities. Thanks to international airports in most major cities, there are flights between Germany and almost every country in the world on a daily basis. Especially patients from the Arabic countries and GIS states can easily access Germany by flight. Travelling within Germany is facilitated by a perfect traffic infrastructure, connecting all major cities by internal flights, railway or motorways. Buses and trains offering quick and comfortable connections to and from the airports as well as the usual taxis and car rental companies at arrivals. To make your travel to Germany as comfortable and convenient as possible, you can take advantage of our additional services, which cover all travel and transfer issues.

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Safe, stabile and reliable conditions

Germany is not only the economic leading country within the European Union, it is also characterized by an unmatched political stability. Comprehensive public safety standards and comparatively low crime rates give people from abroad a feeling of safety and good protection during their stay in Germany. As Germany is one of the most developed countries in terms of hygienic standards, visitors don’t have to fear any typical infectious diseases from viruses or bacteria. Special vaccinations for foreign visitors are neither recommended nor necessary. Typical German core values, like thoroughness, accuracy and reliability are essential factors, contributing to a generally hassle-free and successful medical travel to Germany.