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Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation

Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation care has to cover chronic diseases from various indication fields as well as conditions resulting from invasive treatments and surgeries. Depending on your personal health problem, we can choose the appropriate clinic for your specific requirements.

No matter which field of medicine your disease belongs to or if you have to recover from an operation, we have the matching experts offering comprehensive care in the specialties of:

Specialized rehabilitation for chronic diseases

  • Rehabilitation for patients with chronic heart diseases
  • Special recovery programs following heart attacks
  • Rehabilitation for patients with chronic lung diseases (asthma, COPD)
  • Rehabilitation for patients with diabetes or metabolic disorders
  • Rehabilitation for patients with chronic allergies
  • Special mother & child rehabilitations

Specialized post-operative / post-treatment rehabilitation

  • Following heart or vascular surgeries
  • Following cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, tumor surgeries)
  • Following bariatric surgeries
  • Following urological or gynecological tumor surgeries
  • Following stomach or intestinal surgeries
  • Following lung surgeries